September Business Social North Harbour

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September Business Social North Harbour

Business Networking Social shots from ABS North Harbour September 2019

Business Networking made Social – The North Harbour community turned out for a fun evening of insight and business connections. Really great to see a strong balance between new and existing BSNZ community at the event. One of the things I love about the community is the fresh flow of interesting and progressive members all looking to share their business journey.

This month Grant Finer, the Principal Connector for BSNZ took the limelight with a short talk about the importance of focusing your efforts in business in your own areas of natural strength:

  • People all have natural stengths spread across a spectrum from Inspiration to Rhythm.

  • People naturally perform their best in a spectrum from working with others to working alone.

  • A powerful way to uncover insights about yourself is to take the Wealth Dynamics Spectrum test.

  • We are all on a journey to build wealth and make an impact in the world, and each of us get to choose the level we want to contribute at.

A few of the industries represented on September 2nd at @New Brew

  • Business Growth Consultant
  • Human Resource Practice
  • Startup Incubation Specialist
  • Import / Export
  • Electronic Components sales and distribution
  • Technology Implementation
  • Website Development
  • High growth entrepreneur
Business Networking Social shots from ABS North Harbour September 2019

Business People at the Event

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