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September 2019 Founders Round Table

Founders Round Table Event September 2019 event photo

Innovitas Founders Round Table meets in a Mastermind format to share plans, experiences, best practice and insight around a topic key for founders to grow high-scale businesses. In September we discussed Cross Border Business in a Digital Marketplace.

Cross Border Business in times of digitalization! This week, the FoundersRoundTable in Auckland was all about cross-border business, how digitalization has made it easy, what challenges businesses are facing and their possible solutions. We discussed the ways of having a cross-border business in the global market, how to handle the decision-making process geared toward international activities, cross-border cooperation, strategic alliances and the innovative forms of corporate cooperation so that they can be structured and the culturally diverse constituents can interact effectively. The energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, stories and experiences of all the attendees took the discussion to another level. Ira Munn, CEO of Ierospace ( presented the company’s insightful business plan. Thank you Queenie Liu, Glenn Pennycook, Cameron Arsenault, Ira Munn and Don Johnston for joining us in the event. I hope all the attendees got some value add from the event. Thank you, Debra Chantry and Grant Finer for your wonderful support and making this event successful.

Thank you to our awesome event host partners for this event – The Common The Entrepreneur’s Playground.

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Calling entrepreneurs who want to experience the power of a closed-session mastermind, relating their experiences to those of others in diverse industries, we look forward to having you enroll and seeing you join our next Founders Round Table!