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Review – March Social Meetup

Photos from our monthly networking casual social meetups for entrepreneurs

This month we gathered at our favourite city pub venue, Tom Tom. The bar is undergoing renovation so this month we stuck inside near the bar, with community entrepreneurs spreading out across the lean-tables for their conversation.

Interestingly this month brought wide diversity in attendee origin. USA, Europe, Japan, the Philippines, South Africa and even Kiwis all represented amongst the global group. 

We had wide and engaging conversation topics, Crypto, International Business, Niche Marketing and Influence were all key topics, with lots of discussion on how critical it is to have a strong linked-in profile to be successful in the ANZ market.

With building an Influential profile on linked-in I’d like to recommend two influencers that offer clear and relevant advice.

First is Dent Global with Key Person of Influence. Take the Influence test for a free PDF of their excellent guide.

Second is the carefully structured and advice-packed work of Linked-in influence Adam Houlahan. Adam offers an up-to-date and relevant knowledge of best practices for Linked-In for ANZ, and runs regular introductory online workshops through his website.

A few of the industries represented at this months meetup:

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