Review – June Business Social North Harbour

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Review – June Business Social North Harbour

Photos from our ABS Social Business Networking event, North Harbour June 2019.

North Harbour business networking ran a fabulous evening, well attended by people not only from all over the shore, but also from all over the World! Enjoying learning about the business endevours from people of virtually every continent! Thanks to Kerry Dell for her engaging and fun talk about holistic health and the importance of creating and maintaining healthy mental and physical diets as a key contributor to high energy, engagement, and satisfaction in life.

Holistic health expert Kerry Dell shared some classic moments including how to ‘Poop like a Unicorn‘, as well as many success stories of people regaining their passion and zest for what they do.

We ran our first round of member “Flash Updates” last night, an opportunity for a quick glimpse into the business activities of all our attendees. This will become a regular feature for future meetups.

A few of the industries represented at the June North Shore meetup at @New Brew:

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