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Review – February Founders Round Table

Founders Round Table Event The Art of finding a Cofounder

Founders Round Table meets in a Mastermind format to share plans, experiences, best practice and insight around a topic key for founders to grow high-scale businesses. This February our topic was The Art of Choosing a Cofounder.

While the selection of represented industries was wide, encompassing building services, consulting, marketing, matchmaking, events promotion and others, most people gravitated to the analogy between entering business with a cofounder and entering a marriage. A great number of parallels were drawn around finding someone, circumstances, entry, and exit strategies and preparation. 

One of the key observations was that in order to find like-minded people, you need to go to where the like-minded people are, and in Auckland over the next month we have an excellent number of international speakers holding conferences which could be great places to find that ‘Special Someone’, here is a list along with links to a couple of other important references that came out during our discussion:

UnfilteredFind the Right Cofounder Video
Unfiltered is a fantastic resource of interviews with Kiwi success stories, I highly recommend getting on their announcement list as well as watching Jake’s previous Interviews which you can do here.

The Golden Circle / Start with Why:
One of TED’s most iconic videos. Simon Sinek on how having a mission, a purpose, differentiates the worlds most successful businesses and legendary leaders. 43 Million views, a must watch for everyone.

Having Purpose:

I want to introduce B1G1, Business for Good.

B1G1 makes it easy for businesses to create small but meaningful impacts in the world around them, and to link these impacts with their own advancement in business (eg. When you connect a new customer, planting a tree to celebrate, or when you enroll someone in a training course, also giving an underprivileged child access to education, reading, or the Internet).

If anyone is interested in learning more, contact me personally and lets get a coffee to chat about it, and how you can grow your business while making a greater impact which is aligned with your mission.

Whether you want to expand your network, seek mentoring or peer input for your ideas, or develop your people meeting & communication skills, we provide a great platform for you to help you improve and connect with other purpose-led entrepreneurs.

Come along to our next event and find out more.