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The Engine (2019) Limited

Catherine Sherwood

The Engine is a group of professionals providing the following (1) collaboration business consulting for business owners including business advisory; (2) business membership – savings, support and more; (3) New Business 101 for new business owners.

Niloc Solutions Limited t/a CCG Consulting

Colin Gardner

Small to Medium size businesses (SMEs) of all types across a broad spectrum of industries and all stages of development. My ideal client is a business owner who is looking to retire or otherwise exit their business 2 – 5 years from now.

Yourfix Communications

Monique Bradley

We help entrepreneurs and businesses make greater impact in their digital world. We are a knowledge company, helping transform you and your business into the best you can be.

The IT Psychiatrist

Anthony McMahon

We are a company who specialises in providing enterprise level advice at a small business budget