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Professional networking in a more social environment

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The nature of almost every aspect of our work has changed or is changing rapidly. It’s common for services and product professionals to be able to work from any location and in a variety of great environments to do their best work, and modern professionals are for the first time able to organise their environment around the tasks they need to perform – access to everything from creative vistas with high-speed wifi to beach co-working cafes, to highly professional corporate inner city rooms for high-powered presentations can be leveraged on a high value, pay as you go basis, and this allows us as mobile professionals to be engaged and productive than ever, all while striking an effective balance between ‘alone’ time and ‘team environment’ time. This thinking very much influences our planning at Business Strategy NZ in the timing, location and nature of our meetups and workshops.

Professional Networking in a social environment

Professional Networking

Effective Professional networking is critical for success:

Whether you want to expand your network, seek mentoring or peer input for your ideas, or develop your people meeting & communication skills, the Business Strategy Network offers moden, effective methods for connecting you with fellow owners, suppliers, and new clients.

Come along to our next event and find out about how we are designed to meet the connection needs of modern entrepreneurs & businesses – facilitating growth in todays digital environment while valuing the importance of core competencies in the business professional world.