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PopUp Networking

BSNZ connects thousands of businesses, owners, entrepreneurs and like-minded supporters of the entrepreneur movement. Almost constantly on the business journey, we are surrounded by both opportunities and challenges, and seek the input of experts to help with great decision-making for business progression.

Popup Virtual Networking is a special event bringing people together across a wider geographical and industry background.

Our online Virtual Networking is a powerful way to connect with other business people, ask questions and solve problems, look for joint opportunity and discover new solutions for you and your customers.

This event is for anyone in a business development role for an active business in New Zealand. All registrations are subject to review and confirmation from our organisers. This event is a collaboration between Business Strategy Networking and the Small Business Owners Networking & Ideas Forum on Facebook.

You MUST preregister and be an actively trading business to participate in this event. Confirm yourself onto the invite list right here…

PopUp Virtual Networking
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If you Opt in, we may promote your business in our communications related to the event, and with other attendees, helping your business get known. The following details may be shared: Name, Business / Industry, Email, Company and Linked-in URL. Business Size and Turnover details are NOT shared, they are for qualifying attendees into the event.
Event Reminders

You will receive an email with Zoom joining details within 48 hours (all our registrations are manually reviewed). Save the email as this contains your unique joining URL for the event.


  • The meeting will commence with all participants together. Join with the Zoom link you receive in the event confirmation email.
  • You will be assigned breakout rooms based on industry and stage of business (in groups of approximately 5)
  • In breakout rooms, we network across 3 rounds:
    • Everyone will have a short time to introduce yourself, share about your business and present state.
    • Each person will share a recent win and a current challenge they face in their business with the opportunity for constructive feedback from the group.
    • Everyone will have an opportunity to call out a key activity, task or interaction they are focused on achieving in the week ahead.
  • Get ideas & feedback from other breakout participants.
  • There will be an opportunity Exchange details & continue the conversation off-line where there is mutual interest.
  • Return to the main meeting for a wrap-up.

This is a fantastic way to share a new business generation opportunity, challenge, or business growth insight with new business contacts, build brand for your business, and get to know new people along the way. If you are interested, please register and join the session.

Explore our Supporting businesses

PC Onsite

Tony Liu

PC Onsite Team bring you total 50 years of combined experiences in the IT field. We believe in trustworthy, friendliness and professionalism. We help Small and Medium Business to create a hassle-free IT structure with all maintenance and support. Enable users to work from anywhere at any time.

Popup Virtual Networking is a fun and effective way to meet new business contacts right from your home office. 

Meet interesting contacts who might never cross your path and explore business opportunities while learning and connecting with like-minded owners just like you.

Lively, engaging, learning, business growth