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Event: Emerge – build a tech plan to support your new business! Date: 26/02/2020 Time: 12:30 PM End Time: 1:30 AM

Emerge – build a tech plan to support your new business!

Everything you need to consider when it comes to the technology you will need to take your new business from concept to reality!



Looking to start your own business?

Perhaps you’ve got a new product you want to launch. Maybe you just want to become your own boss and utilise your skills.

What ever your reason, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration when running your own business.

Like location, marketing, staff, customers, production.

And then there’s technology

Whether you plan to be big or small, local or international, technology is necessary to enable your business.

The decisions you make at the start of your journey can have big impacts further down the track, so it’s important you get them right.

And that’s why it’s important to have a Technology Plan in place

It allows your company to understand its current technology needs and any future resources that will be needed as well, showing how technology will grow with the company and establish an environment for the company to reach its goals

But where do you start?

During this introductory session to technology planning you will hear:

  • The critical elements of a technology plan.
  • The benefits of a good technology plan, and the risks of not having one.
  • How to start planning and what you need to incorporate.
  • How to determine what systems will be critical to your business.
  • Advice on what to watch out for when choosing a solution.

And you will receive a free template for a technology plan that you can start applying to your business

Emerge - build a tech plan to support your new business!
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