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Personal and Business Resilience with Natalie Cutler-Welsh - Go To Girl

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This week, @Business Strategy Networking was highlighted along with 3 other amazing entrepreneur businesses in the #UpYourBrave video series from mentor @Natalie Cutler-Welsh. Watch below as we explore 

  • Pivoting in business while being true to yourself as an owner;
  • Taking time for yourself and prioritisation;
  • Exploring opportunities to listen to others;
  • The opportunity and security that comes from developing multiple sources of income;

and many more topics. This is an engaging chat with many thought-provoking points you are sure to enjoy.

For the first time, I’m opening doors to my Amplify private facebook group aka ‘Speakers’ Lounge’ as . . . the “Amplify Membership”. It’s time for you to be seen & heard on a bigger level! You’ll get group mentoring, masterminding & motivation to help you elevate your skills and raise your resilience and visibility in an ever-changing world.

Go to Girl

Go to Girl

Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Natalie Cutler-Welsh aka ‘the Go-to Girl’ is a visibility and resilience mentor for people wanting to Up their Brave in life or business. As a Speaker, Author, Impact Entrepreneur and mother of 3, she knows how to get out of the ‘should zone’ and ‘frustration zone’ and live in the Up Your Brave zone so they can amplify their impact.

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