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Mild to Magnificent

Magnetic Brand Authenticity Workshop

The most successful enterprises attract customers like butterflies flocking to a beautiful flower-garden. They do so because they have a deep understanding of what makes them truly different and interesting. This brilliance is within every one of our businesses, but being able to expertly distil and then express that difference is a process that owners need an external point of view to work through.

Brand strategist Simone Ellen is brilliant at distilling what makes someone or something magic and has put her hand up to work with a group of us at BSNZ to define the very things we need to speak to, in order to refine our customer facing messaging.

This workshop for community members that want to transform their businesses in 2019 to attract great customers, because those customers resonate with the most important reasons they created their business in the first place. This authentic level of messaging means that your business can’t help but attract customers no matter the business climate.

Come along, discover a completely new level of authenticity. Put your superhero within to words,
… and watch your business curve exponentially upwards.

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