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Promotion: Mobile app development
Start Date: 15/Sep/2020
End Date: 01/Jan/2021

Mobile app development

Need a mobile application for your business? We can help with that (:


Need a mobile app for your business but think it’s too expensive?

Let us help make your mobile app a reality at an afforable price. We are offering to build your business a 12 screen mobile app for $20k ex GST.

  • Each screen corresponds to a unique function or section of the app (nothing to do with the number of screens accessing it).

Top 6 reasons why your business should have a mobile app;

#1 Digital interactions drive sales

#2 Keeps your customers engaged and increases loyalty

#3 Helps impove services

#4 Location based marketing becomes a reality together with analysis and fine tuning of campaigns in real time lower marketing costs and increases marketing return on investments

#5 Remain Competative

#6 Customers have online & offline access 24/7, increasing brand productivity

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