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Promotion: Funded HR advice for Covid19 affected businesses
Start Date: 20/Apr/2020
End Date: 30/May/2020

Funded HR advice for Covid19 affected businesses


I am a Covid19 provider by Regional Business Partner Network, meaning the Government will subsidise up to $2000 for HR advice. If you want to talk more about this, and see if it might be possible for you to access this funding, get in touch and I’ll tell you what is involved.

What I’m seeing

Within my client portfolio, peers, colleagues and professional bodies, there are five situations I’m seeing. Do you fit into one of these?

  1. You have already taken action to preserve cash flow (salary cut, restructure, unpaid leave) but are wondering if its enough and if you will have to do more.
  2. You have been waiting to see how cashflow and deal flow pans out, and you are now in a position where you need to start considering negotiating short term salary cuts, unpaid leave or organising a restructure.
  3. Your essential business has remained open during lockdown, however your team is fatigued and you are wondering how to keep them going, keep team spirit and resilience up.
  4. You are planning a return to the workplace, however you now have a downsized team, need to work within Government regulations for social distancing, and potentially your service or product has changed drastically and you are wondering how to do it well.
  5. Whilst lockdown has been hard for you and your team, there have been some good parts, e.g. radical adoption of new technology, and you are wondering how you can keep the beneficial new working practices going. You don’t want to return to the “old normal”.

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