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Promotion: Challenging times Coaching Session
Start Date: 13/Mar/2020
End Date: 30/Jun/2020

Challenging times Coaching Session

Helping you to find your own way out of difficult, confusing and confronting situations


Well these are very strange times that we find ourselves in.

When we are in uncharted territories like this people crave certainty. And as leaders, they look to us for answers, even when we are scrambling to try to find what is going on ourselves. It reminds me of being a mum when my kids expect me to know *all the answers* to everything – one day they will learn that I’m just like them with another 30 years spent going round the sun!
It’s not easy, especially when all eyes are on you. 
I would like to help people get some certainty for themselves and their teams. Now, I can’t profess to be an expert in pandemic readiness, however I am an expert in helping people find their own way out of difficult, confusing and confronting situations. My coaching style is built on extraordinary listening, a calming energy and a few choice questions or suggestions thrown in in good measure.
If you are in the situation where you could benefit from a free no obligation 90 minute session to get your thinking straight, come up with or evolve your plan, determine how to keep your culture alive and kicking or focus on how to communicate in rapidly changing times – or anything else to do with “the human connection at work” – then please email using the button below so we can find a time that suits. I have six slots available.

Absolutely no strings attached.

Feel free to pass this offer on to others who may need it.

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Challenging times Coaching Session
Challenging times Coaching Session

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