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Welcome to the world of Live-ONLINE Presenting

Business Strategy Networking has pivoted to embrace the world of online networking. Through COVID-19 lockdown and beyond we will be incorporating live video and online interaction with community members to help grow member connections, insights, and business.

Businesses presenting will use technology to help share their message. This page contains information for presenters to help maximize their impact during the networking session. [visitor-only]If you are logged in to the site, this page also contains the presenter information form.[/visitor-only]

Success at the event advances your brand, starts conversations for you to follow-up after the event, and gives you a chance to share your business passion with the group of like-minded business owners & professionals.

How does the Livestream work?

Presenters use Zoom meeting technology from their own office along with a computer, webcam and usually some type of presentation / slides. Participants view the Livestream from a special event page created especially for the event. The even page also includes the ability to ask audience questions, for the audience to chat to each other, and the presenter, and view any resources, promotions or specials from the presenter.

Our 2021 Themes and Talk Timing

The BSNZ Meetup talks calendar follows a series of set themes designed to give every business owner an opportunity to present a talk (or offer a promotion). Please read our 2021 Monthly Themes post for more information on when your talk will align. Once you have completed the form below, we’ll be in touch.

Flow of the event

Our Online events are set up in a 60 minute timeslot.

  • Generally the first 5-10 minutes are used for announcements, any general welcomes.
  • The first presenter then talks for approx 20 mins with approx 5 min for any questions.
  • The second presenter (if there is one) will then take control of the session and present for around 20 minutes with 5 minutes for questions
  • Finish-up 5 min

What do we do?

BSNZ will promote the event through our standard channels, including MeetUp, Facebook, GeniusU, Eventbrite, EventFinder, Google Events, and our Community Website as well as other event listing sites, our monthly community newsletter, and personal invitations through our business referral and connection activity.

Beyond promotion, we’ll manage the logistics of the event, coordinate resources you need, manage communications with our venue and take care of attendees before, during and after your talk.

What do you do?

Prepare and share a short talk on your business, passion or cause. Generally around 15-20 minutes works well. Your talk should highlight the reasons why you are committed to success in your business, who your ideal customer is, and an example of how you have successfully worked with a client.

Give enough information to generate interest in your topic and your business, and finish with a call to action to help attendees know how they can contact you and work with you or refer you to their network going forward where they see an opportunity.

Presentation Resources

Online meetups utilize Zoom as our conference platform. Zoom allows you to ‘Share your screen’ and use slides or live demo from your machine to present. Your face will also appear on the stream, generally in a smaller box (see the pictures).

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Presenter & Talk Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Powerpoint?

Absolutely! When you are presenting online it definitely helps to have material prepared & ready to share with the audience. Our meeting technology will enable you to share a presentation or even do a live demo from your PC.

Can I Run a Competition/Giveaway?

Absolutely. As long as the giveaway is business relevant for your business.

Can I Advertise my own event/meetup/group?

Absolutely. We are all about connecting our members with valuable resources to advance their business journey. Promote away but be sure to earn the right to member attention through the value you deliver in your talk.

Can I collect attendee details?

You can! A great way of doing this is to run a promotion with a giveaway such as an ebook or similar. Get people to register to receive this and you will be able to collect details for later contact.