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Is it time to broaden your circle of connections and look for some new people to help you take next steps in your business journey? That’s really common in Business Strategy NZ. A good number of members are attracted here because they have set a new goal, direction or purpose for the year ahead, and know that in order to achieve it they will need to meet new like-minded people to help with achieving it.

Our monthly Social meetups are an easy, friendly and free way to discover like-minded people in the local area. These events are designed to support people to connect & learn about the local business environment, where people are having success, and clarifying what level of traction your business idea will have to a local audience.

Social networking often appeals to community members who have natural strengths in meeting people, but it is a very supportive environment for those who usually ‘sit on the sidelines’ because circulating amongst the group is strongly encouraged in our culture.

Growing together great connections mutual success as entrepreneurs

Those that get the most from the events:

Whether you want to expand your network, seek mentoring or peer input for your ideas, or develop your people meeting & communication skills, we provide a great platform for you to help you improve and connect with other purpose-led entrepreneurs.

Come along to our next event and find out more.