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Know Your Network Competition 2020

Business Networking photo from our final ABS on the shore for 2019, featuring speaker Paul Thompson from Satsumo.


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* Know your Network is in Beta. Please be patient and we’d love your feedback.

Know Your Network is our Business Competition giving you a fun and easy way to learn members of the business community and (quite literally) put a ‘Name to the Face’, helping you connect at events and learn some of the services of our many member businesses.

Compete to win great prizes!

  • Top Score in this round: $50 Prezzy Card.
  • Second on the leader board: $25 Prezzy Card
  • Plus 2x $25 cards to players in this round drawn at random

Important: To win a rank-prize, you must attend the meetup to receive your prize. You do not have to be a current business owner to win, but you must have a BSNZ website profile.

Game Play:
The game is divided into 3 rounds, each round requires you to link a headshot with corresponding company logo and incorporates both a Score and a Time component.

Round 1:

  • Click and drag the business logo up onto the headshot of the corresponding person. There are 8 opportunities, and while you are working a count-up timer keeps track of how long you are working on the matches. If you guess incorrectly, just pick up the headshot with a mouse click and move it to the correct business.

Round 2:

  • Use your mouse (or finger) to click on the business logo at the bottom of the screen that corresponds to the headshot (no dragging). Make your guess before the countdown timer reaches zero. Correct answers add to your score and also reduce your overall time from round 1. There are 4 sets.

Round 3 (Bonus):

  • For a few seconds you will see the business icons at the bottom of the screen. Memorize their name and position. The corresponding headshot is flipped over, showing only the BSNZ logo. Then the cards are flipped so you can see the headshot. Simply click the position of the person’s business to score a point and time reduction. There are 4 sets of headshots before the completion of the game.

At the end of the game you’ll see your overall score and final time. If you are logged in when playing and your score is good enough for the leaderboard, after you refresh the browser you’ll see your entry on the right, along with your business and a link to your website.

High Scores

Rank   Name Score Time Business
1   Grant Finer 11 00:50 Business Strategy NZ
2   Grant Finer 10 00:37 Business Strategy Neworking
3   Grant Finer 6 00:46 Business Strategy NZ
4   Grant Finer 3 00:36 Business Strategy NZ

  • Important: You must be logged in to appear on the scoreboard.

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