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Kerry dell

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How to master the Six Human Hungers

Learn how the Six Human Hungers affect how you function, your energy levels and your vitality

Kerry Dell – Life Transformation Specialist at

You are in control of your bio-chemistry.  It is really hard to feel bad when your body feels so good.  You can control your focus when you feel better.  Kerry will be talking about the Six Human Hungers and how they affect how we function, our energy levels and our vitality.

For business owners that want to operate at peak performance, for leaders who want to inspire their team to be more productive and for anyone who is trying to increase their bottom line / profit, this is the talk for you.  Kerry will share some tools with you that will help get through the afternoon slump and ensure you have a better night sleep, so you and your team wake up energized and ready for the new day.

Kerry is focused on sustained vitality and mental wellbeing that radically transforms people’s lives. She creates a lifeforce within your business that increases performance, productivity and profits.

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  • February 3rd, 2020 @New-Brew
  • February 10th, 2020 @Applejacks

Business Promotions from Workforce Vitality

13 Week Wildfit Health and Diet transformation program
Live longer. Live better. Live FREE.

13 Week WildFit Health program which consists of 2 coaching calls weekly on a zoom online link.  This is an education program which highlights an individuals relationship with food and how we can change certain habits to eradicate certain cravings forever.  You will totally reset your relationship with food.  The result is an end to sugar cravings, increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, glowing skin and much more.  All results are sustained.  I have also included a second program, which is also 13 weeks called Life4ce. This is a personal development program which does a deep dive into your emotional and mental health.  The combination of these programs is extremely powerful
Testimonials can be viewed at :

13 Week Wildfit Health and Diet transformation program

13 Week Wildfit Health and Diet transformation program

Life Resonance Intelligence System scan
The Latest Leading Technology in Health Scanning

Full consultation which is 1,5 hours consisting of a Life Resonance Intelligence System scan, which scans digestive and immune systems, heart and brain, muscular skeletal systems and hormones.  It will reflect any imbalances as well as any bad bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other pathogens that shouldn’t be in the system.  Also included is the Quantum Electro-Magnetic scan which detects how the body is receiving oxygen and how the main organs are functioning as well as your absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, coenzymes and trace elements. 

Life Resonance Intelligence System scan

Life Resonance Intelligence System scan

Workforce Vitality

Workforce Vitality

Kerry Dell

I am the catalyst that assists you in bringing your body back into balance, so you can heal yourself. I unlock the potential to you changing your life and having an incredible future.
I specialize in Nutritional Science, Food Psychology and Behavioral Change, which results in reducing your metabolic age, weight loss, getting rid of the aches and pains in your body and bringing back your energy and vitality.

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Event: How Health and Energy Drives Entrepreneurial Spirit – East Auckland Date: 10/02/2020 Time: 18:30 End Time: 20:00

How Health and Energy Drives Entrepreneurial Spirit – East Auckland

Network with purpose-led, passionate business builders in the East Tamaki Area, connecting with others for business growth

Applejacks Bar & Restaurant
2 Dunrobin Pl, Pakuranga Heights
Auckland, Auckland


Welcome! February is all about highlighting Health and Wellness,

Do you have the right energy levels to be creative, productive, engaging, and make the most of both your work, and personal life opportunities?
Join us in February at this Business Social event to meet with field experts, and business developers from an array of industries to share and learn how levels of health and energy have made a key contribution to what business leaders have achieved along their entrepreneurial journey.

See you at Applejacks for our first Eastern meetup of 2020!
Business Strategy NZ is a community of likeminded business-builders at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. We are purpose-led, passionate about connecting with others and see great connections as the start of a spark for growth.

The second Monday of each month from 6:30pm, we catch-up at Applejacks in an easy-going relaxed meet and greet format social meetup where community members can connect, share about their business, and discuss all topics of interest.

Regularly we have short talks from members sharing a particular area of expertise, and how they have grown a successful business around it. If you’d like to build clients and referrals or spread the word about your venture contact our organisers for more info.

There are always a lot of first-timers at our social meetups, please feel welcome and encouraged to come along and be a part of our event, no matter what stage of business you are currently at.

For more information on us, please visit the community landing page
We look forward to welcoming you at our next meetup!

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Organizer Contact: [email protected]

Business Networking – Whether you want to expand your network, seek mentoring or peer input for your ideas, or develop your people meeting & communication skills, we provide a great platform for you to help you improve and connect with other purpose-led entrepreneurs.

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