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Welcome to Inside Business Strategy for July 2019. A Very exciting month with many events ahead. I thoroughly encourage you to read right through – so many local owners making a true difference!

Business Strategy is an active community of over 4,750 members at all different stages of their business journey and from all industries. Community participation leads to connection, insight, referral, growth and contribution. It’s great to have you on the journey in the widest and most active business oriented meetup in Auckland!

Social Connect Events

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Business Growth Social Networking – North Harbour

July 8

Featuring Anthony McMahon (The IT Psychiatrist)
On the North Shore and looking to clarify, amplify and connect with like-minded entrepreneurial people for mutual growth and to make an impact in areas you are passionate about. This event is for you. First Monday of every month. Kiwis from all backgrounds on their business journey, come enjoy a drink, a talk and an opportunity to add to your business here on the shore.

Business Growth Social Networking – CBD

July 16

Featuring Geaeme Hogan (3 Years Out)

“If you want your business wants to grow, you need a plan. You must truly believe in it and you must seriously act on it.” – Graeme Hogan. 
Welcome! Business Strategy NZ is a community of likeminded business-builders at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. We are purpose-led, passionate about connecting with others and see great connections as the start of a spark for growth. Meeting the 3rd Tuesday of Every month at TomTom

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Connect & Grow East

Business Growth Social Networking – East Auckland

August 12

Featuring Cindy Mao – Business Strategy Founder & Grant Finer – BSNZ Principal Connector
Join us for the very special inaugural Social Business Networking event for Auckland’s South East region. 
Looking to clarify, amplify and connect with like-minded entrepreneurial people for mutual growth and to make an impact in areas you are passionate about. This event is for you. Kiwis from all backgrounds on their business journey, come enjoy connection, a inspiration, and an opportunity to share and connect your business in the fun environment at Applejacks.

Referrals & Growth for Established SMEs

Business Speed Networking

Thursday September 5th

One of our most highly regarded events, open to established and trading businesses – owners, BDMs and Sourcing professionals. There is no better way to extend your business connections rapidly, while sharing what you do, and learning about interesting opportunities with businesses around you.

** you MUST register to attend this meetup:

At BSN you will have a series of approximately 20 mini business meetings organised for you over the course of around 2 hours. Many participants also opt-in to stay with us after the event for a more social drinks & networking session. 

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Thought Leadership & Transformation

Event Details

Entrepreneur 5.0 Auckland Event

Monday October 7th

I am personally so excited to be managing partner for our first really big event for the BSNZ Community. A one day business training focused on preparing you for growth in 2020, with world-renounced futurist and mentor Roger Hamilton

Founder / Startup Phase

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Founders Round Table

Founders’ Round Table, an initiative of Innovitas in association with Business Strategy NZ and The Common, is a monthly meet of founders and startup enablers to come together and discuss their experiences, stories, challenges and opinions. The forum helps build meaningful insights, learn from others experience and take away effective next steps for your business from the group.

Find out about the June event and opt-in to FRT August 2019

Social, Commercial, Successful

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You’ll strengthen your business model. Test your assumptions. Uncover fatal flaws and improve your ideas, in a safe and supportive environment. Whether you’re new to business or an seasoned entrepreneur, you’ll complete the program with a validated, viable business blueprint. With new friends, and the confidence and clarity you need to be a startup success.

Founder Training Details

Whats Happening at BSNZ

Celebrating a Milestone

  • Wow! Thanks to the amazing passion-inspired people who have been presenting, referring and inviting like-minded businesses to Business Strategy NZ over many months, we hit a major milestone this week. Together we became the largest Business-oriented Meetup group in the Auckland area.
  • 4,733 SME Owners, Consultants, Side-gig developers and Startup Entrepreneurs. Thank you!
BSNZ Website Profiles Update
We are working hard on the Member Profile forms on our community site ahead of new initiatives we plan to launch in 2H19. If you haven’t updated your profile recently, visit the advanced section to add new details on your business, including logos, social, keywords, and your unique referrer key.

Update your Community Profile

Join our Growth Team

BSNZ Continues to expand at a rapid pace, and we are looking for people to get involved and help in a variety of areas. It’s a volunteer commitment and You will have opportunities to promote your business, connect with leaders, and become known in the BSNZ community. 
Right now we are looking for a presenter’s coordinator and a communications strategist. If you are interested in adding a hand, get in touch.
Thank you!
On behalf of the Business Strategy Community team,

“building an amazing business is all about creating powerful moments of connection”