July Business Social CBD

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July Business Social CBD

Entrepreneur Networking in Auckland on 16 July 2019

Business Social Bravehearts turned out to a fun, engaging and interesting community event at TomTom in the CBD, discussing successes and challenges they are having in business ,and being treated to a wealth of ideas graphically shared by business planning expert Graeme Hogan from 3 Years Out. Great to see attendees established and new leveraging this opportunity and sharing about their passions and developing their business through relationship & referral networking.

Graeme’s talk covered many important topics related to planning in business and gave some fantastic, through provoking points to attendees including:

  • With every roadblock there is an opportunity.

  • Head and heart… have a Why, which is not about making money if you want to be successful in your business.

  • If you want success, other people must be successful with you. Make a plan including how you will contribute to the success of others

  • Have your team involved in planning the fight, so they dont fight the plan
  • People know how to train for their sport (eg. midweek Rugby training where they have a coach and team). Owners and both growth and sustainability must adopt a similar approach training to be great in business. 

A few of the industries represented at the July CBD meetup at @TomTom:

  • Business Growth Consultant
  • Negotiation Excellence Coach
  • Cryptography Expert
  • Security Company Owner
  • Engagement Marketing Consultant
  • Technology Implementation
  • Website Development
  • Hospitality Industry Business Growth Advisor
  • Interior Designer
  • Ali our Engagement consultant shared about his application for shop owners (Video) and is looking for connectors with strong links in the retail sector to partner with to introduce the system to prospects. If that’s you, contact him via the link above (Meetup Profile)
Entrepreneur Networking in Auckland on 16 July 2019

Business People at the Event

Grant Finer

Grant Finer

Community Builder, Passionate Enabler, Technology Evangelist, Businessman, Investor & Connector

Bevan Morgan

Bevan Morgan

Hi, I’m Bevan. I am a certified Email Income Expert and Instagram Agent.

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