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Is this group for me?

Is this group for me?

Welcome! When we get this question it’s often being asked by someone who has started in business relatively recently, or perhaps they had made to start, but haven’t launched yet. 

If you are starting out, working from home, have a few clients but know you need more, and know that you need to leverage the skills of others to move forwards then this group is undoubtedly for you!

Within Business Strategy we have the collective knowledge and resource of thousands of SME business owners, consultants, solopreneurs and directors who have started a side-gig to develop their future financial resources, gain freedom and independence, learn new skills or further hone and monetise a skill they already have, and contribute to a purpose.

This group is for you. Create a profile, and check our calendar for upcoming events to find out how you can connect with a fun, on-purpose community who genuinely want to both be successful, and help fellow business owners (just like you) to be successful.

If you’d like more information about the group, check out this recent podcast recorded with one of our members highlighting the reason and key objectives for the group.

And here a personal welcome from me; I’m looking forward to welcoming you at one of our events soon!

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