Business Strategy NZ is proud to support B1G1, an organisation for global giving. We believe that when something good happens in our community, something good should also happen in the world, and so we contribute to projects that help people in need grow their knowledge, capability and independence.

We integrate giving into our business process so that it is a thriving part of our culture, and we encourage our members to do the same.

As a for-profit, high-growth business, we believe in purpose beyond profit, and B1G1 helps us achieve this with amazing impact.

BSNZ Impacts So Far

Impact the world through the Stunning Power of Small

Effective giving is easy to achieve thanks to the Buy 1 Give 1 organisation.

Imagine a world where everything we do makes a positive difference… This is the world of B1G1. And by connecting more with the other members and partners of this initiative, you can grow your business while increasing your impact. For good.

Our Giving Stories

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Our giving stories help link our community events, people and success to corresponding purpose impacts we are making throughout the world.

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