Welcome! Business Strategy NZ is a community of likeminded business-builders at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. We are passionate about connecting with others and see great connections as the spark for growth. Register Here This month’s short talk: **How To Create Facebook Ads That Don’t Suck** Are you ready to create a $10,000 pipeline for your business? Simplify Facebook Advertising. Get your campaigns running quick, easy, and delivering the greatest return from every dollar. At our November Social Meet up, Vincent Lei from SMT Business Media (http://bit.ly/BSNZ-SMT) is going to share a massively successful case-study, as well as a series of insider expert-tips to help you take Facebook advertising to a new level – get your campaigns running quickly, easily, and without wasting money! Don’t miss this short talk as well as the opportunity to meet new, like-minded business contacts. Click “I’m Attending” and join us for the final BSNZ Business Social meetup of 2018. You’ll meet new contacts, learn new ideas, and gain new insights to enjoy & work on through the holiday season. Whether this is your first event, or just your first event for a while, join us to connect with our vibrant group of purpose-led business creators across all industries and stages of business. I look forward to seeing you November 20th!