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You need someone who has been where you want to go. At The Engine, we have all embarked on your . . . journey. Our interactive 10 week (3 hours per week) course will provide you with in-depth business experience & discipline from the best of the best. We will have your vision tied to the real world.


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BSNZ Business Member Current Promotions and Member Offers:

Well these are very strange times that we find ourselves in.
When we are in uncharted . . . territories like this people crave certainty. And as leaders, they look to us for answers, even when we are scrambling to try to find what is going on ourselves. It reminds me of being a mum when my kids expect me to know *all the answers* to everything – one day they will learn that I’m just like them with another 30 years spent going round the sun!
It’s not easy, especially when all eyes are on you. 
I would like to help people get some certainty for themselves and their teams. Now, I can’t profess to be an expert in pandemic readiness, however I am an expert in helping people find their own way out of difficult, confusing and confronting situations. My coaching style is built on extraordinary listening, a calming energy and a few choice questions or suggestions thrown in in good measure.
If you are in the situation where you could benefit from a free no obligation 90 minute session to get your thinking straight, come up with or evolve your plan, determine how to keep your culture alive and kicking or focus on how to communicate in rapidly changing times – or anything else to do with “the human connection at work” – then please email using the button below so we can find a time that suits. I have six slots available.
Absolutely no strings attached.
Feel free to pass this offer on to others who may need it.

Join our Membership at any of 3 levels immediately gaining access to insider-buying, business . . . coaching and resource support that will enable you to grow your business while simultaniously ensuring more of your revenue flows to your bottom line.
The Engine is motivated to educate and catalyse change that will provide growth and financial success. Whether it be professional and collaborative engagement / support, succession planning, networking or membership you will be able to see the immediate value we provide.
For a full list of suppliers and discounts available please see the PERK Brochure.

As a leader deciding the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. Enter Filipo . . . Levi, an experienced leader and former international Rugby Captain. Filipo is inspiring, motivating and transforming people with the right tools and knowledge.
Filipo Levi has helped clients to unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success.
Find out more through the booking link.

Our government have extended their support for businesses affected by COVID-19. Aimed at helping . . . owners and key personnel set up business robustness in pandemic conditions, Experts can be engaged to help adjust work practices, evolve products/services and methods of delivery, and transform staff management and activity practices to realign the business to survive COVID-19, retain staff, and derive new revenue streams to improve cashflow.
The Engine (a strategic partner of Business Strategy Networking) is one of the organisations approved by ATEED to deliver these expert services through their COVID-19 Business Continuance, Wellness & Recovery Programme. This fully tailored program comprises of 1:1 advice from a The Engine Advisory Team member or members skilled in the areas determined most in need for your businessfrom within The Engine Advisory Team or The Engine’s Supporting Providers.
Areas covered by the announcement are:

Business Continuity Planning;
Financial & Cashflow Management;
Employment & HR;
Health and Wellbeing.

Regional Business Partner Network fully fund the first $2000 of professional engagement (approximately 8 hours depending on the advice area) for businesses that meet a set of clear criteria and apply through the COVID-19 BUSINESS SUPPORT application process. We can guide you through this process and assist with confirmation of eligibility for your company.
(NB: After the first $2000 of full funding, ATEED may cofund further engagement under this program. We can discuss this further once required. This program is also open to businesses who do not meet the funding criteria but would like to benefit from the coaching opportunity.)
General funding eligibility criteria:

That you are an employer;
Your business was generally sound prior to the COVID-19 challenge and with the right support should survive to provide jobs and income in the future;
You do need the financial support from RBPN for coaching;
The COVID-19 crisis is affecting your business.

Limited funding is available with a deadline date for funding utilisation of 30 June 2020, so if you meet the criteria above, please complete the form below to take your application forward. For more information on the program, learning outcomes and what to expect, visit our COVID-19 Business Continuance, Wellness & Recovery Programme webpage. Once you have completed the form, you will receive an email with additional information and next steps.
Start your Application Here:

My Initial Consultation includes a discussion on your fitness goals, a basic review of current . . . fitness, an overview of my recommended session schedule, and any general Q&A you have about the training process.

For Full details and the background on my complimentary offer, take a look at my Facebook Post.
Hi, . . . I’m Wayne Forrest. I’m a father and husband – Entrepreneur – Life Mastery Consultant – Life Coach & Wheelchair User, having a #wheeliefantasticlife! #wayneforrestnz
I’d like to share my expertise with you if you are looking for support due to COVID-19 or anything stress related going on in your life right now. It’s a difficult time for many, discover my complimentary Laser Coaching session can really help.

If you are an entrepreneur NOW is the time to act.

If you aren’t already being affected by the . . . COVID-19 pandemic, stock market crash and impending global recession, you will be. Now is the time to take action if you are asking any of these questions:

How can I create immediate cash flow and weather the coming months?

How do I generate sales when borders are closing and everyone is staying away?

How bad are things likely to get, and for how long?

How can I turn tough times into the ultimate opportunity?

Roger James Hamilton has lived through the stock market crashes and recessions of 1986, 1997, 2001 and 2008, and has been warning of the 2020 crash in his events and videos over the last 12 months. He has built Genius Group into a $100 million entrepreneur education group with over 1.4 million members, and in the last week he has switched his advice 100% from preparing for the crash to now managing its arrival.
Join Roger and his global entrepreneur community for his Four Week Cash Flow Crash Course to get a practical step-by-step guide on how to maintain and grow your cash flow and business, while rising up in difficult times.

Everyone can follow a unique natural path to be in flow as a business leader. Download the Team . . . Fusion Genius Guide to learn about these 8 leadership paths and how you can adopt a style that will serve you best.

What are the most important things you should do in order to optimize your work environment for . . . health? Today employee health encompasses environment, diet, attitude, culture and home situation among other factors.
In this 45-60min talk, Marieke will engage you and your employees in a helpful interactive ‘Lunchtime Chat’ to shed light and discuss ways to create a positive, healthy work environment. This talk is designed as a in interactive way to get staff involved in creating and progressing a positive work environment that helps them, and helps your business.

13 Week WildFit Health program which consists of 2 coaching calls weekly on a zoom online link.  . . . This is an education program which highlights an individuals relationship with food and how we can change certain habits to eradicate certain cravings forever.  You will totally reset your relationship with food.  The result is an end to sugar cravings, increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, glowing skin and much more.  All results are sustained.  I have also included a second program, which is also 13 weeks called Life4ce. This is a personal development program which does a deep dive into your emotional and mental health.  The combination of these programs is extremely powerful
Testimonials can be viewed at :

Full consultation which is 1,5 hours consisting of a Life Resonance Intelligence System scan, which . . . scans digestive and immune systems, heart and brain, muscular skeletal systems and hormones.  It will reflect any imbalances as well as any bad bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other pathogens that shouldn’t be in the system.  Also included is the Quantum Electro-Magnetic scan which detects how the body is receiving oxygen and how the main organs are functioning as well as your absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, coenzymes and trace elements. 

You know you should have, but there’s always been something more urgent, hasn’t there?
It’s easy to . . . spend your time fighting fires in business. Now with the country in Covid-19 lockdown, all of a sudden creating this plan is urgent and needs to be your highest priority. The pressure is enormous!
While the government has been offering much needed financial solutions, have you been lying awake at night doing the money juggle in your head? Worrying about how you are going to pay for everything?  Wondering if your clients will pay you (if you still have clients, that is) and hoping that somehow, miraculously, there’ll be enough money to keep your staff on?
You know you needed to create that plan, but you still don’t know where to start, do you?
The honest truth is it’s been easier to focus on what you do know. It’s only human – it temporarily makes you feel you’re in control. But it doesn’t feel like you’re in control of your business now, does it?
Listen, you’re not alone. I’ve met many successful, even award-winning business owners who are in the same position – feeling confused, overwhelmed and terrified about their future, with no idea where to focus to pivot this situation for success. The uncertainty is stealing your confidence.
If you’re ready to take back control of your business, to reclaim your confidence, knowing you have a plan, then I’ve got something really exciting I’d like to share with you. Over the next few short weeks I know it’s going to transform you, your life and your business now and beyond the Covid-19 lockdown.
My name is Gaelene Adams Wood and I’m a Leadership Coach and Business IMPACT Partner. I work with Award Winning and multi-Award-Winning businesses, and those who want to be the best in their industry. I help busy business leaders put plans in place to lead their teams to phenomenal success, ultimately helping them have more time, more money and more freedom for the things that are most important to them.
If you’re ready to stop settling for the uncertainty of the status quo, and want an expert to guide you and coach you to navigate the Covid-19 Lockdown and beyond, to be a better business leader, to help you hold your team more accountable, and have the truly successful business you deserve, then click the link to access the Free eBook

Many people think that there are hundreds of routes to wealth. With Wealth Dynamics, you’ll see that . . . there are actually only eight paths to wealth and that one of those paths is the correct one for you.
These paths are highlighted by the successful people who have achieved wealth through following their natural path. This is to say, they found the wealth dynamic match that suited their talents.

Nats Levi is a powerful role model with a passion for fitness. EVERY woman deserves to feel strong, . . . empowered and unstoppable. ”Love life and it will love you back.”

Download our FREE resource on how you can develop the best LinkedIn profile to ensure you make the . . . most of networking and raise your profile views. in LinkedIn.

Download our free quiz to learn some great ideas, tips, and tricks on how to transform your team . . . culture in a very positive way.

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