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Brand Excellence Workshop

Business Strategy Networking exists to help our community of companies grow their business through creating connections, advancing their skills in different disciplines, and promoting their purpose, mission, and business services to group members and the wider business community. We have a range of opportunities to help you get known using BSNZ as a platform for growth.

We welcome the opportunity to help you build trust, credibility, connection and sales opportunities and have a variety of offerings to help you share what you want to achieve in business with an engaged, qualified audience. If you’d like more information about partnering with us on any of these opportunities, please get in touch – either through the links below or through our contact page. Thanks, looking forward to working with you.

Learning and Presentations

Ways to Get Known

BSN Social Meet up Member Spotlight

An opportunity to engage, inform, and connect our members with your mission and brand. Each month we hold open invitiation social meetups for entreprepreneurs at all stages of their business journey. For most people, this is their first exposure to Business Strategy NZ.

Our event is peer-centered which means that all BSNZ members are welcome to an opportunity to share about their purpose-centered business, their journey and how they help their clients.

Social networking and presentations,meetup. Business Strategy - Your Platform

Ideas to deliver value in your talk:

  • Energise & Entertain
  • Inform
  • Relate / Journey Share
  • Purpose & Goals
  • Include a clear Call to action

BSN Community Workshop

New friends open engagement and interaction like-minded and purpose led entrepreneurs

Ideas to deliver value in your workshop:

  • Carefully plan pre-work and activities
  • Help participants strongly relate your expertise to their own businesses
  • Use examples, stories, workbooks and interaction to help owners uncover Insight during the workshop
  • Offer follow-on services for owners who see value and want to go deeper

No matter your level of prominence or business size, your specialist knowledge about your area of expertise is something that others at different points of their entrepreneurial journey can benefit from.

Though the Business Strategy Community, we facilitate opportunities for passionate experts to reach their target audience by creating and sharing skill and knowledge building workshops. 

If you offer a consulting service, development products, or add value in an area that has high owner involvement, this opportunity allows you to build brand, reputation and engagement opportunities, while building more awareness about areas aligned to your mission.

BSN Professional Workshop

Brand Excellence Workshop

Ideas to deliver value in your workshop:

  • Focus on direct, actionable outcomes
  • Make the workshop practical to engage participants and apply knowledge to their businesses as soon as possible
  • Utilize material and formats that reflect value in your workshop
  • Offer follow-on services for owners that want to progress with consulting, expert-advise or referral

Help other business owners build their knowledge and expertise in an area you are passionate about, deliver superior value and be recognised for that value by partnering with BSNZ to offer a paid-professional workshop.

BSN Newsletter Spotlight

Reach an extended network through a spotlight feature in our community newsletters. Easy to prepare and available to every community member, a spotlight feature builds awareness and connects your business with thousands of people who would not otherwise come across you.

Ideas for your spotlight:

  • Focus on capturing attention
  • Explain succinctly what you offer & why you are different
  • Clear call to action for those interested to talk further

BSN Expert Articles & Solution Stories

Work environment graphic

Ideas for your spotlight:

  • Focus on how you create value for clients
  • Help readers to relate to the challenge and recognise the benefits of your solution
  • Encourage & use as a discussion / meeting opener 

Share your best work with like-minded businesses in our community who could also benefit from your services. The BSNZ Blog receives contributions from member companies who would like to reach a wide audience with examples of whether they have successfully achieved positive results for a client through a success story. 

If you have a story that you would love to tell, get in touch and we can help connect you with all the resources you need to create a great success testimonial across a variety of media.

BSN Product or Service Promotion

Businesses like your build revenue through a cadence of promotions. Whether bring to market a product or a service, there is a campaign approch with specific timing and outcomes. BSNZ may be a vehicle to help you maximize return in a specified time through our member reach.

190416 ABS Social Meetup CBD - Get to the Top of Google Search

Ideas for your Promotion:

  • Clear, specific benefits
  • Use booking & discount codes
  • Promotions are carefully scrutinized by BSNZ to ensure values alignment, standards, appropriate benefit for all parties