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Gagan Rayat

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How to dismiss hacks and build powerful healthy habits for life

We should form healthy habits that you could keep for life instead of short-term transformations.

How i personally made the change from being injured, and unfit to being a fitness coach ?

How a simple mindset shift from fixed to growth can help you achieve your goals and keep them ?

No matter your business environment, it’s easy to incorporate movement througout your day when you know how, and once you get started the results will begin to propell you even further to feeling great and incorporating fitness in your routine. At the meetup I’m going to show you some easy ways to get started.

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  • February 3rd, 2020 @New-Brew

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Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Gagan Rayat

Gagan Rayat

Gagan Rayat

Happy Hello, Gagan Rayat here, Fitness Habits Coach and creater of the No Hacks,Just Habits movement #nohacksjusthabits

I am also an Endorsed Stress Management Programme provider for NZ Corporate’s who wish to reduce stress at work , increase productivity, look after client well being and don’t wish to pay Fringe Benefit Tax for that .

I help people build fitness habits for life so they don’t have to rely on short term transformations every summer or an upcoming wedding or anniversary.
The changes that my clients make are intrinsic and the physical results are just a by product of it.

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Event: How Health and Energy Drives Entrepreneurial Spirit – North Shore Date: 03/02/2020 Time: 18:30 End Time: 20:00

How Health and Energy Drives Entrepreneurial Spirit – North Shore

Network with purpose-led, passionate business builders north of the bridge, connecting with others who see great connections as the start of a spark for great growth

New Brew
49 A William Pickering Dr, Albany
Auckland, Auckland


Welcome! February is all about highlighting Health and Wellness, Do you have the right energy levels to be creative, productive, engaging, and make the most of both your work, and personal life opportunities? Join us in February at this Business Social event to meet with field experts, and business developers from an array of industries to share and learn how levels of health and energy have made a key contribution to what business leaders have achieved along their entrepreneurial journey. ——————————————————————————————————————- Welcome! Business Strategy NZ is a community of likeminded business-builders at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. We are purpose-led, passionate about connecting with others and see great connections as the start of a spark for growth. The first Monday of each month from 6:30pm, we catch-up at New Brew Albany in an easy-going relaxed meet and greet format social meetup where community members can connect, share about their business, and discuss all topics of interest. Regularly we have short talks from members sharing a particular area of expertise, and how they have grown a successful business around it. If you’d like to build clients and referrals or spread the word about your venture contact our organisers for more info. There are always a lot of first-timers at our social meetups, please feel welcome and encouraged to come along and be a part of our event, no matter what stage of business you are currently at. For more information on us, please visit the community landing page We look forward to welcoming you at our next meetup!

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Organizer Contact: [email protected]

Business Networking – Whether you want to expand your network, seek mentoring or peer input for your ideas, or develop your people meeting & communication skills, we provide a great platform for you to help you improve and connect with other purpose-led entrepreneurs.

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