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Founders Round Table Event Registration

Founders Round Table

Founders’ Round Table is a closed room private mastermind for a cross-industry group of founders and enablers to enable effective dialogue and a meaningful insights into rapid scaling. Our aim is to bring a curated group together which can share challenges and ideas to overcome them in a bid to support each other’s entrepreneurial journey.

Founder’s Round Table is for businesses in early operating phase. You have a tradable product or service, you are a New Zealand Registered company, and you are focused on rapid expansion, both within New Zealand and Internationally.

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* The event will be followed by casual networking drinks kindly hosted by The Common until 9:00pm. You must opt-in and upgrade below to remain for post-event social networking.

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Founders Round Table Application

Enterpreneur / Startup

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Investor / Ecosystem Enabler

Introducing the opportunity to Upgrade your Founders Round Table Experience

Founders Round Table Mastermind creates great conversations and interesting insights, even when the official session is over, our participants love to continue the conversation.

Thanks to our hosts we are now able to offer you the opportunity to continue to network with drinks and nibbles after the organised part of the event concludes.

Take advantage of this opportunity by upgrading your registration here. Upgrading costs $20 (inc GST) which includes:

  • Post Event Networking in the creative environment at The Common
  • Light catering & refreshment
  • One complimentary drink from the bar

Paid subscription members of either The Common, and Business Strategy NZ automatically benefit from upgraded registration included in your active subscription.

Founders Round Table

Founders Round Table

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