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Founders Journey

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Founders’ Journey deals with the personal side of building a venture that matters. How do you assemble, motivate and lead a team when you have big ambitions for your business idea?

How do you discover, then nurture, then accelerate your own path to wealth in terms of contribution, reputation and financial success? These are all elements of an essential personal journey that we are on, in may ways parallel to that of our aspirational venture.

Resources in this section of the website link you with a number of very useful tools used successfully throughout our community and across the world. 


Discover how to leverage your natural talents to get into flow fast, building your personal success while connecting with others and loving what you do.

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Linked-In Excellence

The #1 resource kiwis use to connect online. Become excellent on linked-in with these two recomended resources, Adam Houlahan’s Linked-in playbook and Key Person of Influence from Dent Global.

Finally discover your true ‘why’ with the Purpose Test, and learn the key steps to align your daily life to your deepest meaning and motivation. Align with others who have the same purpose as you and give back through our partners, Buy1Give1.

Watch the B1G1 video on our Impact Page to learn more about getting involved.

Entrepreneurs at Pre-Startup phase

Learn which of the nine levels of the wealth spectrum you are currently at, and how understanding this master plan is critical to knowing the next step you will need to take in your entrepreneurial journey.

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