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Connect with local expert businesses and leverage the expertise you are looking for in your networking community. Welcome to the BSNZ Member directory where you can locate and leverage from a diverse range of skills, services and solutions. Use the keyword search below to find BSNZ member companies.

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Wiki group     

Steph Wiki

Protect the most important things in life

Wiki Group Insurance Advisers help you protect the most important things in life
Whether its your family, health, income or a combination of these things.

Legal Services / Insurance / Risk Management

Transformational Zone     

Results Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Blockchain Strategist, Intellectual Property Consultant, Certified Professional Trainer

Business owners who want to grow their business.
Motivated individuals who want to maximize their personal and professional life.

Business Management / Business Coaching / Business Skills Training


Deliver great Customer Experience and Customer Success to retain your customers!

Consulting company helping businesses to improve their Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Success (CS) programs.

Ion Anthos Group     

Online Business Manager | Communication Coach | Virtual Assistant

Are you considering outsourcing some or all of your non-billable tasks and responsibilities?

Our Group provides Online Business Management and Corporate Assistance as well as Virtual Business Support in Admin, Accounts, Sales and Marketing.

Interested in finding out how to communicate with your team, clients and prospects in a way that makes it easier to ‘influence’ them?

In addition to our Virtual Business Support, we provide Personality Profiling, Communication/Confidence Coaching and Corporate Training, ensuring a holistic support system.

So in summary you could say that in NZ we are like a ‘No. 8 Wire’ to Business Owners and Teams that want to operate with a “spirit of excellence” and that has a “work smart, not hard” mentality.

Business Management / Business Coaching / Business Skills Training


Co-founder/Investment Banker/Executive | Searching for the next opportunity

Selfie Central     

We help event planners and marketers immerse consumers in brands with, unforgettable, interactive photo experiences.


Everything we do, we do because we believe great connections are the core of business growth. Join this movement and benefit from the vibrancy and variety of our community as you progress your business journey.

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