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Exciting news! BSNZ Community Members have been extended a special invitation to be the first to get EI “Entrepreneur 5.0” five day training course for free.

Rewind 20 years and imagine you were in the same place you are right now in 1999. With the same lifestyle, job, company and earnings that you have today. If you got an insight as to how much the world would change in the next decade, would you have stayed there? What would you do differently?

From 2000 to 2009, we saw the explosion of the Internet, smartphones and social media. Companies like Facebook, Youtube, Google and Amazon became billion dollar businesses out of nowhere.

… Now imagine you’re 10 years ago and you missed that first wave, and you were in the same place as you are right now in 2009. It was the middle of the Global Financial Crisis and everyone was struggling. If you had a second chance to discover the disruptions coming in the decade ahead, would you have acted differently?

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From 2010 to 2019, we have seen the explosion of co-working, ride-sharing, crowdfunding and online video. Companies like Netflix, AirBnB and Uber have become giants out of nowhere.

Here we are today in 2019. The coming decade will be far bigger in disruption and opportunity than any decade before. Be third time lucky and join us on this course. You’ll learn how the way you market, sell, create products, attract partners, keep customers and build teams is all going to need to change.

You won’t need to wait. You can change today. You can get the full five day course at no charge by

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Right now you might be more focused on today than tomorrow. Maybe you’re struggling to grow your income, or to find your true passion. Maybe you’re working hard to find new customers or to grow your team. You may be looking for investors, or hunting for a great investment. Or even just trying to figure out what’s the next thing to do.

From my experience, I can tell you the solutions for today come from discovering tomorrow.

That’s why we are launching this exclusive Entrepreneur 5.0 training. Shortly we are pressing “GO” on our biggest launch of the decade, and we’re inviting you to join us today.

To pre-register for free, simply clicking here.

Here’s the 5 big reasons to join us in this launch

  • Receive the five day Entrepreneur 5.0 training course for free
  • You’ll get Top Tips to get ready for 2020
  • Get connected to brand new 2020 training and events
  • Be the first to hear about growth plans for the Entrepreneur Movement
  • Stand a chance to win a trip to India, Nepal, Tibet, and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

It’s free to register. And you will be automatically receive the Entrepreneur 5.0 Training Course when it launches.

Join us for some exciting times ahead

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Over a million entrepreneurs have taken the Entrepreneur Institute assessment tools, including Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, the Impact Meter, the Wealth Spectrum, the Genius Test and the Purpose Test.

In the coming months we are attracting 20,000+ entrepreneurs to join our 2020 community and free Entrepreneur 5.0 Training Course, launching on 28th June. This course will show you what the first five steps are to get “2020 Ready”.

Join the Entrepreneur Movement

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Whether you want to expand your network, seek mentoring or peer input for your ideas, or develop your people meeting & communication skills, we provide a great platform for you to help you improve and connect with other purpose-led entrepreneurs.

Come along to our next event and find out more.