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Business Speed Networking Photos from our September event

Welcome! Great Connections is a micro-degree packed with ideas about how to identify, hone, and deepen relationships with people along your business journey for mutual value and growth.

Businesses, founders and all of the people that contribute to a mastermind growth team come in all shapes and sizes, skillsets, passions and backgrounds. Success in business depends on many factors, and one thing is certain. To progress your business journey you are going to need to create and develop amazing connections with likeminded people. These people may become customers, suppliers, partners, mentors or advocates… and enrolling them in your vision starts with an introduction.

In this Microdegree we will explore together how you can authentically communicate your business purpose, your direction, and what places you in a unique position to be able to contribute to the community of others who can benefit because you do what you do. Join us inside for strategy, insight, and action!

What to expect:

  • The content of the training is presented as a series of mini missions
  • Each mission includes
    • Video and written content for learning or consideration
    • An online workbook for you to complete as you learn and implement
  • This course is suitable for business people at all levels and from all backgrounds
  • You complete the missions in your own time. The course is not designed to be completed in one sitting.

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Our October Social meetup on the shore featuring Jake Barker from HR Matters.