COVID-19 Business Sustainability and Recovery Programmes

Our Government have extended their support for businesses affected by COVID-19. Aimed at helping owners and key personnel set up business robustness in pandemic conditions, Service Providers to the Regional Business Partner Network, with The Engine being an Approved Service Provider can be engaged to help adjust work practices, evolve products/services and methods of delivery, and transform staff management and activity practices to realign the business to survive COVID-19, retain staff, and derive new revenue streams to improve cashflow.

The Engine (and our advisory partnersis one of the organisations approved by Regional Business Provider Network to deliver these expert services through their COVID-19 Business Continuance, Wellness & Recovery Programme. This fully tailored program comprises of 1:1 advice from a The Engine Advisory Team member or members skilled in the areas determined most in need for your business from within The Engine Advisory Team or The Engine’s Supporting Providers.

Areas covered by the announcement are:

  • Business Continuity Planning;
  • Financial & Cashflow Management;
  • Employment & HR;
  • Health and Wellbeing.

Regional Business Partner Network fully fund the first $5000 of professional engagement (approximately 20 hours depending on the advice area) for businesses that meet a set of clear criteria and apply through the COVID-19 BUSINESS SUPPORT application process. We can guide you through this process and assist with confirmation of eligibility for your company.

General funding eligibility criteria:

  • That you are an employer;
  • Your business was generally sound prior to the COVID-19 challenge and with the right support should survive to provide jobs and income in the future;
  • You do need the financial support from RBPN for coaching;
  • The COVID-19 crisis is affecting your business.

The Engine (and our advisory partnersis one of the organisations approved by Regional Business Provider Network to deliver expert marketing coaching services through our Smart Sustainable Marketing Post COVID-19 programme.

One to one training for businesses nationwide via video conferencing.   This service is suitable for businesses needing to digitise or improve their digital reach along with learning to communicate with their clients and reach potential clients. Use this crisis to benefit & upskill your business with urgency in digital and automation. 

Our programme is completely customer centric. We will focus on where you can make the greatest gains in connecting with customers first, considering: marketing strategies, messaging, external marketing options, ie. SEO, Social, Google, inventory, database & segmentation, demographics, etc.

Together we will roadmap a marketing strategy to pivot and reposition your business in marketing, communication and sales.

Regional Business Partner Network fully fund the first $5000 of professional engagement (approximately 20 hours depending on the advice area).

We will work together with you to provide management capability to:

  1. Build trust and reassure your customers about how your Company is responding to the crisis; 
  2. Move or enhance your brand online to stay connected to your customers – planning, ROI analysis & automation; 
  3. Refresh Customer Experience (CX) Strategies to relook at end-to-end sales processes; 
  4. Connect with your audience with empathy & humility. Develop messaging that is long term not hard sell;
  5. Implement an agile strategic pricing model to improve margins and move inventory. 

Application for funding is a multi-step process. Begin by completing the form below, we will send you additional instructions on the process and becoming approved to be funded for assistance from The Engine 2019 Limited. The process also requires you to complete registration, and a suitability interview with a representative of the Regional Business Partner Network (The government organisation responsible for managing these business growth programmes).

Start Your Application Here:

The Engine COVID-19 Business Continuance, Wellness & Recovery
It’s important to note that while coaching is open to all, being a current employer of at least one staff member other than yourself is one requirement for RBPN funding.
Which Programme(s) are you applying for?
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Additional notes on funding

Limited funding is available, so if you meet the criteria above, please complete the form to take your application forward. For more information on the program, learning outcomes and what to expect, visit our COVID-19 Business Continuance, Wellness & Recovery Programme webpage. Once you have completed the form, you will receive an email with additional information and next steps.

After the first $2000 of full funding, Regional Business Provider Network may cofund further engagement under this program. We can discuss this further once required. This program is also open to businesses who do not meet the funding criteria but would like to benefit from the coaching opportunity.

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