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Hi Meetup Community, 
Welcome to Inside Business Strategy for November 2018

Our Meetup Community attracts people at all stages of business looking to grow by creating new connections. This week we surpassed 4,050 purpose-led, entrepreneurial people across our network from all industriess and at all stages of business from pre-startup to post-exit. Welcome! It’s great to have you.
We’ve finished a busy month of events which included our first ever ‘skills-building’ workshop with fabulous reviews. More will follow in 2019. Read on for all the good oil…

Upcoming Events

How to create Facebook Ads that don’t Suck!

(Tuesday November 20)
Join us at our November Social Meetup – The Final Business Strategy meetup of 2018. We’ll in the welcoming environment of Tom Tom as usual for an opportunity to catch-up and meet new contacts in a social environment. We have a very engaging speaker for our topic-talk this month. Vincent Lei from SMT Business Media
Vincent is going to share a proven strategy to engage customers through facebook, talking through a local case study and sharing about Facebook strategies that are being successfully applied in the Auckland marketplace.

Founders Round Table

(Tuesday 27 November. Apply Here)
Business Strategy is partnering with Innovitas – Building the Global Innovation Ecosystem,in our second event focusing on Creating an investment-ready startup pitch.

Founders’ Round Table is a closed room private mastermind format for a mixed group of founders and enablers to share an effective dialogue on rapid-growth. Our aim is to bring a curated group together who can share challenges and ideas to overcome them in a bid to support each other’s entrepreneurial journey.

Recent Events

Business Speed Networking

Thanks to everyone who attended our hugely successful third instalment of Business Speed Networking which was held on 1 November. Our best event so far, this popular format is continuing to gain momentum – week’s worth of meeting effort compressed into a 2 hour format for growing, active business owners creating connection, referral, and partnership business. Thanks to everyone who attended, please share your success stories and I look forward to seeing you in 2019. Full Album here

Pitch Excellence Workshop

How well do you communicate your mission, your customer promise, and the Superpowers you use to deliver on that promise for your customers? In October we challenged participants in our first Mild to Magnificent Pitch Excellence Workshop to develop a deep insight into their brand identity and how they communicate with customers & partners. The results were outstanding! Thank you to everyone who participated. An event not to be missed, we’ll be sharing 2019 dates with community memberssoon.

Business Social Networking October

From Home Security to Home meal delivery, Marketing to Money Management, we had a wonderful and diverse group of business builders at our October social event. With a 50/50 mix of newcomers and regular attendees, there were new contacts and learnings for all. Our flagship event, our monthly social meetups are an easy and friendly way to make new contacts inside the business strategy community. Thanks to everyone who joined us in October. See the event album on our Facebook page.

Member Spotlight

The Common

A business community withyou at its heart

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect location for connecting with a live environment, discovering learning, opportunity, business owners and helpful coaches with many years of experience and encouragement to shortcut your business growth. If you haven’t attended one of the events we’ve partnered with The Common to create, NOW is your opportunity to experience this creative space. 
Community Offer: The common is offering a very special discount on membership right now for a limited time. Complete their Membership Form and one of the team will be in touch to discuss exactly how your business can benefit.


  • Business Coaches & Mentors
  • Networking & Inspiration
  • Education & New Insight
  • Healing, Health & Wellness
  • Upbeat and unique meeting & event space
Checkout the range of Upcoming Events at The Common

Visit us on Facebook & Linkedin

Did you know that Business Strategy is live on Facebook? Our main page already has thousands of followers, and we have just launched our Group. This is the primary place for all our group photos & experiences. Please come and join us for new opportunities to promote your business and make new connections.
Business Strategy is also profiled on Linked-in. Given it’s prominence as a business platform, connecting with linkedin is a natural choice for members of Business Strategy. Click here to visit & follow our profile. We’ll be doing more with Linked-in in 2019.

Events in our Extended Community

Servcorp supports Business Strategy NZ, and in December they are holding an event focused on Word of Mouth Marketing at their spectacular Vero Centre location. It’s Thursday 6th December from 6:00pm. For more information please contact Chanique Frans.

Let’s make it official

As we continue to grow, Business Strategy Membership offers an opportunity for you contribute to our opportunities and facilities as well as unlock additional community benefits. Upgrade your experience with insider early access, workshop benefits, promotion opportunities, business referral matching and others. With a range of membership opportunities you are invited to choose the level you want to play at, and play a part in helping promote the message that Connection Ignites Growth!
Thank you!
On behalf of the Business Strategy Community team
“Everything we do, we do because we believe that Connections Ignite Growth in Business and Success”