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Central-East Business Mastermind

Caroline Liang is the leader of the AssureMe Central-East Business Mastermind, run in coordination with Business Strategy Networking.

The mastermind is a weekly meeting covering a range of topics all designed to help improve the skills of attendees across various disciplines in business. The group is very active and people participating have a great time as they learn and connect.

The mastermind is currently growing and accepting new registrations. It is essential to register to claim your place in the weekly sessions. Once you are registered, any pre-session instructions will be sent to you before the session. Introductory sessions are free of charge, but when you register you are committing to attend. Our session will be prepared for your benefit.

How the Mastermind Runs

Each Mastermind session is split into 3 parts:

  • Mastermind introduction – where we introduce the topic, set activity guidelines, and organise the breakout groups.
  • Breakout – Seperate group brainstorming on how to solve the challenge of the week.
  • Presentation – Breakouts each present their solutions with feedback from the whole group.

Depending on numbers you may be placed in a group from 2-5 members in any given session. This is a great networking and learning opportunity. The mastermind integrates principles of the globally known Wealth Dynamics system for entrepreneur development. We split groups based on industry, and Wealth Dynamics profile.

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Central-East Business Mastermind 2021

Wealth Dynamics is a profiling system designed uniquely for entrepreneurs. Created by Roger Hamilton, founder and CEO of GeniusU. Using the system is a key component of helping you unlock your ideal path to wealth through flow. Profile tests retail at US95, but Business Strategy Members can access the profile at a discounted rate of NZD95. Click the link (our site, but opens in new window) to access your discounted test token and bring your profile to our next Mastermind.

AssureMe team is specialized on Business Key Person Risk Management for Small to Medium size organisations; Group Cover, Business Continuity Cover, Shareholders and Debt Protection Cover for larger corporation.
AssureMe team also offers a full range of personal risk insurance package to families. Such as Medical cover, Income Cover, Mortgage Cover, Trauma Cover/Critical illness cover, TPD and Life Cover.
We have 20 years working experiences plus MBA knowledge on risk management in New Zealand. We are a qualified member of the MDRT (A Premium Association of Financial Professionals in the United States) on 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. We are also an award member of IDA (International Dragon Awards in Asia); Member of Financial Advice New Zealand; Member of International Professional Woman Associates.
Please talk to Caroline Liang today at 027 5437 888.