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Business owners we meet are typically modest about their role in the success of their business. Like the best of All Black captains, they like to give “full credit to the team”. But it is not always appropriate. Your business is the source of your health and your family’s lifestyle.

When you consider the probability of a major illness or accident keeping you out of the business for up to six months or more, then it is prudent to make and honest assessment of the extent to which the success of your business depends on your own efforts. To help you, complete this short quiz….

Member Quiz – Caroline Liang
Which areas of the business regularly require your personal input?

To what extent does your business rely on your personal knowledge, expertise or experience?

To what extent are you the “face” of the business, establishing and managing customer relationships?

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Permanent Disability

Your most important asset is NOT your home, your car, your jewelry or other possessions -- It's YOU and your ability to earn a living. Think about it: All of your plans for the future—from buying a home to putting your kids through college to building a retirement nest egg—are based on the assumption you will continue to earn a paycheck until you retire. But what would happen if those paychecks stopped?

Income Protection

Without your paycheck, how long would you be able to make your mortgage or rent payment, buy groceries or pay your credit card bills without feeling the pinch? That’s where income protection comes in. Think of it as an insurance for your paycheck. It ensures that if you are unable to work, you will continue to receive an income and make ends meet until you’re able to return to work.

Medical Protection

Chances are that day will come when you won't be able to manage on your own. The good news is, people are living longer. However, that increases the chance that you will live to the age where you will need medical care. Medical care includes all the assistance you would need with daily living tasks if a chronic illness or disability leaves you unable to care for yourself for an extended period of time.

Life Insurance

If you’ve worked hard to establish a solid financial framework for your family—investments, home equity, a savings plan, retirement accounts—life insurance is the foundation upon which it all rests. It can guard against the need for your loved ones to make drastic changes to future plans when you die. Certain types of life insurance even have a built-in cash-accumulation feature that can help you reach savings goals.

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