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The Business Strategy Networking Events Calendar is a business directory of upcoming events for professional networking. Our calendar includes our own business meetup events, partner events, international business, growth workshops and many other types of activities of interest for business owners.

Click on any of the events below on any date for more information. If you can’t see the calendar, your screen may be too small for a calendar view. Please click Connect or Grow for relevant event lists.

Event: Find Your Formula – Special Business Workshop Event Date: 17/02/2021 Time: 18:30 End Time: 20:00

Find Your Formula – Special Business Workshop Event

Crack the Code leading to predictable sales, inbound partnering, developing a customer journey and unlocking your unique brand value.

Tech Cafe – John Lysaght Building at GridAKL
101 Pakenham Street West, Viaduct
Auckland, Auckland


Unpack the reason businesses get stuck running month to month with unpredictable income and constrained equity value, and learn how to flip to leading with community, purpose, and brand attraction by identifying your own unique asset and formula to communicate it to your market.

A complementary 1.5 Hour business workshop exploring why businesses struggle to create consistent, sustainable income and how to develop a completely individual, purpose led approach that takes the customer on a journey of awareness which can be leveraged and scaled, in order to create long term equity in the business and surf the coming new wave of global growth. This event is tailored for business owners, General Managers and Leadership Executives of companies who have or aspire to 2-10M+ turnover.

The Event is completely free, but because spaces are limited you *MUST* register on the official site here:

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Organizer Contact: [email protected] Booking URL: Book Here

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