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The Business Strategy Networking Events Calendar is a business directory of upcoming events for professional networking. Our calendar includes our own business meetup events, partner events, international business, growth workshops and many other types of activities of interest for business owners.

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Event: Perform at your best in business Physical/Mental/Emotional – Albany Date: 01/02/2021 Time: 18:30 End Time: 20:00

Perform at your best in business Physical/Mental/Emotional – Albany

Understand how to perform at your best in business through balancing mental, physical and spiritual energy and wellness

New Brew Bar & Restaurant
49A William Pickering Drive, Albany
Auckland, Auckland


Modern thinking about creating the best in business acknowledges the holistic nature of us as owners, our staff, and the community around us. To run an amazing business is to achieve a beautiful balance where physical, emotional and mental wellness is given rightful attention. At this event in February 2021 experts who run businesses in these areas with share their ideas with the BSN community.

Event VIP Upgrade Option

In conjunction with our event hosts @New Brew, we are introducing the option to join us for nibbles platters at the event. A one-off payment ($25.00 inc GST) can be paid online ( , or Community Paid Members at any level have catering included.

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Event Upgrade: 25.00
Organizer Contact: [email protected]

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