An entrepreneurial gathering of purpose-led business people this month at our favourite city casual venue – Tom Tom. “Facebook Ads that Don’t Suck” was our speaker topic, featuring Vincent Lei & Leo from SMT Business Media. This month our business builders consisted of approx 1/3 first-time attendees, the majority of the group in early stage or imminent launch with a number of established consulting style businesses, product creators, and BDMs.
This month’s presentation focused on giving a generous number of useful tips about the process of getting the best value out of Facebook and included audience selection, use of lead-magnets, split-testing, ad tuning taking a holistic ‘campaign’ approach and retargeting.

Learning and Presentations
New friends open engagement and interaction like-minded and purpose led entrepreneurs

Socially we fostered the opportunity for people from manufacturing, digital marketing, personal coaching, accountancy, language & culture learning, comprehensive DNA testing, personal fitness & training, communication skills training, Google cloud and suite expertise, website development, delivery & management, International employment, custom software development, sales and business development, business & personal insurance and many more.

Learning and Presentations

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