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Welcome! We look forward to hosting you at our upcoming Event!

Date & Time: To Be Announced Soon 

3:00pm – 5:00pm

 (Followed by optional catered social networking & drinks hosted by The Common)

Location: The Common, Parnell (Map)

This event is now Closed for Registration. Thank you for your interest, we’ll see you at our next event to be announced shortly!

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Introducing the opportunity to Upgrade your Business Speed Networking Experience

Now into it’s second year, Business Strategy NZ Speed Business Networking demonstrates a track-record of high value connection for our attendees to not only meet new contacts & share opportunities for referral, but also continue the conversation with relaxed business social conversations post-event in the creative environment at The Common. Our community members vouch for this bonus opportunity to learn more and develop a closer connection right after the event as a fore-runnner to post-event meetings & business.

Take advantage of this opportunity by upgrading your registration when registering. Upgrading costs $30 (inc GST) which includes:

  • Advertise your business as a Featured Attendee
  • Post Event Networking in the creative environment at The Common
  • Light catering & refreshment
  • One complimentary drink from the bar

Paid subscription members of either The Common, and Business Strategy NZ automatically benefit from upgraded registration included in your active subscription.

Business speed networking make new connections refer and grow as a business leader
Business speed networking make new connections refer and grow as a business leader

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Business Speed Networking Registration 2019
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Upgrade your Speed Business Networking experience

By staying with us for Social networking with light refreshments after the formal part of the event.
Includes light refreshments & a complimentary drink from the bar.

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Featured Attendees from our most recent event



Samit Desai

Any Small and Medium sized business that needs support for their Computers / VoIP Phone systems / Networks/ Security / Printers / Backup / Wireless, we can help.

Applicable Ltd

Applicable Ltd

michelle halvorsen

Transforming real-world business processes, and kickstarting new ventures, through elegantly innovative custom software

Apptus Platform

Apptus Platform

Ryan Canja

Companies who want to accelerate digital transformation journey.

BlueOcean Marketing

BlueOcean Marketing

Riaan Schmulian

Profitable growth by shifting strategy from product towards customers; partnering with clients; and delivering strategy & ongoing execution.

CCG Consulting

CCG Consulting

Colin Gardner

SME Business Owners with established businesses operating for more than 2 years, and an annual turnover of at least $1 million. I help the owner execute an exceptional exit.

Mortgage Mantra

Mortgage Mantra

Satish Kamath

Indviduals and Families – employed & self-employed
Developers,Spec builders

Performance Foundry

Performance Foundry

Craig Martin

We help companies accelerate their growth by overcoming technical issues with their websites. Not growing, or growing too fast for your platform? We might be able to help.

Rocket IT

Rocket IT

Simon Gibson

Small to medium sized business owners and anyone who has responsibility for IT systems.

The Common

The Common

Debra Chantry

For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

The IT Psychiatrist

The IT Psychiatrist

Anthony McMahon

Businesses with 5+ people who are looking to uplift the capability in their IT investment

The Social Hub Limited

The Social Hub Limited

Steven Rogers

Our Social Media Advertising service helps you drive new business through digital channels.

Business Networking Meet New People Make Connections
Growing together great connections mutual success as entrepreneurs
Lively, engaging, learning, business growth

What is Business Speed Networking?

An easy, enjoyable way to meet new business contacts across a broad cross section of industries, all working to deliver and receive value in products and services that help them achieve the goals of their organisation.

Business speed networking is for business owners, directors, business development representatives and connectors, all of whom are looking to both forward their own business objectives and in so doing, contribute to the success of others.

  • Speed Networking delivers great ROI
    • You will meet a large number of business contacts in a short period of time, and will be able to quickly identify how you can help them, or they can help you. Exchange details and book relationship development, exploration, or sales meetings right at the event.
  • Speed Networking is structured
    • Our events are set up to guarantee you will get to meet new people, even if you usually don’t approach people at regular events. This means you’ll be engaged in the event, exploring and making new connections that you can develop later right from the opening bell
  • Speed Networking connects you with businesses like yours outside of your regular network
    • Everyone participating is looking for the opportunity to build their business through new connections. You will have the opportunity to explore relationships with organisations that you may never meet through traditional marketing or sales & purchasing activity, and these contacts could help you in ways or in industries you hadn’t even considered. Many networking events group people from within the same industry, counter productive for building commercial relationships with people met at the event.

Successful Business Speed Networking

Before the Event

  • Register
    • Make sure that the organisers know you are committed to coming by completing the preregistration form, which ensures you can will be networking with the best groups for building your business at the event. If circumstances prevent you from attending, make sure your let the organisers know in advance.
  • Set your Outcome
    • In most cases that will be to both expand your  network of non industry contacts (most events are centered on a specific industry), and also to book meetings with people interested in your product or service. Remember that the greatest leverage you can achieve through networking is second, or third degree contacts so always ask “Who do you know who could benefit from my product or service?” to be warmly introduced to prospects who aren’t even at the event.
  • Prepare your Pitch
    • You will have from 30sec – 2min to introduce what your business does, what kinds of businesses you help, and your company’s “Why” (an excellent place to start). It pays to be prepared, you’ll create a great, credible impression and set your contact up to ask valuable, interesting discovery questions about what you do that will lead to new business.

In the Room

  • Be present
    • Show up with your networking contact and participate fully in the opportunity to meet, regardless of who you are meeting with. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and many of the worlds most successful business relationships have been founded through the most unlikely of circumstances.
  • Take Notes
    • Whether paper or electronic, you are going to meet a number of contacts and keeping track of who you want to follow up with is going to be key for success. A name & number is unlikely to be enough for a productive follow up meeting. Note your discussion topic and ideas that came up during your brief discussion, it will set you on the path for success.
  • Exchange business ‘cards’
    • To follow up, you’ll need contact details be it a business card, linkedIn connection or facebook friend request. Whatever mode of business you use to communicate make sure the contacts you meet are going to be able to reach you after the event to continue the conversation.
  • Continue the conversation before and after the structured networking
    • In the event breaks, use what you already know about new contacts as an effective way to continue a conversation. Its a great opportunity to step beyond the business framework to find out about peoples interests, family, values and goals. Every part of the event is an opportunity to make new discoveries about other business people just like you.


  • Let people know you enjoyed meeting them
    • An email, IM or other note reminding contacts of your meeting. Even if there is no immediate business opportunity, let them know you will keep them in mind if you see a future opportunity. You never know when this will pay dividends for you as well.
  • Connect on a relevant connection network
    • Business, even B2B is done across a wide variety of mediums now, and it’s essential to be present on the digital platforms your customers use. Leverage face to face networking to also help you build a presence digitally and be part of the growing business community be it Google, Linked-in, Facebook, or other modern platforms.
  • Book meetings with interested contacts
    • Ultimately building your connection network at a Business Speed Networking event is about creating an advance, allowing you to spend more time with business connections to explore growth and development together. The people who get the most from business networking are on the front foot when it comes to booking followup meetings, even casual ones, with the new people they meet at the event.