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Business Profiles to go live shortly

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October 2019

We are preparing to unveil a major new addition for the BSNZ community, our members directory. This will become a showcase for businesses to be able to share when and how their products & services solve problems and add capability for customers, as well as a resource for connecting with companies and supporters you have met at our meetups & workshops.

This is your opportunity to share where your skills and services shine to our 4,950 purpose-driven business leaders. I invite you to leverage it; See an example of a completed profile below (With thanks to Gill from Charity Tea!)

If you already have a login for the website, in almost all instances, your directory listing will need some tweaking because of new features and fields we have added in preparation for the directory. If your listing is not shown, you simply need to update your member profile. To help you know which areas of your Profile to complete, I have added a picture below labeling the corresponding fields in the Membership Profile form.


  • If you get this email more than once then you have multiple accounts at BSNZ. This happens sometimes. Contact Us and together we’ll consolidate these so you can enter just one set of details.
  • If you don’t want your business to be in the directory set “Highlight me / my business on the BSNZ website where appropriate” to No in your profile.
  • We will be setting some profiles hidden prior to launch to ensure a good look and feel in the directory, and we will be enforcing some content & presentation standards for the publicly listed fields. Questions?
  • Entry in the directory is open to all BSNZ members with active trading members, however BSNZ may edit or remove your listing based on our sole discretion.