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Successful Networking

Grant Finer - Principal Connector

What is the best way to make networking work for me?

Successful Networking

In looking at the many options available today for reaching new audiences, it’s safe to say that different approaches work to different degrees of effectiveness depending on your product type, market approach, level of maturity etc etc. Once thing is certain – people will think of your business proposition, product or service in a better light when it comes recommended… and the very best source of recommendations are established business relationships. Suppliers, partners and fellow travellers are important sources of business growth no-matter your industry.
Successful Networking is all about putting those partners in a frame of mind to become sources of recommendation for your organisation. There are a number of ways to do this, but two of the best are relationship building and referring business.

Relationship Building

Set a clear, uncluttered block of time in your diary to catch up with the business partner. Coffeeshops or as the relationship gets stronger over a meal can be great opportunities to spend time together. A great objective in this scenario is to develop a very deep understanding of the purpose of both the person and their company, and the types of customers that they are able to help the best. Because of the law of reciprocity, the contact will also look to understand what you do, and look for opportunities to help you. A great attitude to have here is the ‘pay it forward’ mindset.

Referring Business

Perhaps the single most powerful way you can build business opportunity for yourself is to find it for others. Referring prospects, mentioning trusted suppliers in your digital communications, highlighting case studies and inviting them to events where potential customers will be are all ways so rapidly accelerate trust in the business relationship.

In Summary Successful networking is all about ensuring that you are deepening connections and creating mutual referral opportunities for you and the people that you are networking with.

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