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Selling - The Simple Truth

Jim Bennet - Managing Director

About the Author

Jim Bennett

Sales Specialist & Business Advisor

Or simply put, just a Salesman!!

Hi there —-my name is Jim and I’ve been selling professionally for over 40 years. For those who know me, some would say I’ve been around far too long and in fact, many would probably even suggest I might even be out of touch

But from everything I’m seeing play out in the aftermath of COVID-19 and even before its arrival, I’m thinking what I have to say just might be more relevant today than ever before.

You see you don’t get to be around as long asI have and not learn a thing or two about sales and selling. And yeah sure, I’ve worked in large and small corporates and sold a lot of things to a lot of people.

But you know what, none of it happened without one simple principle being applied. Someone had to want to do business with me –and that’s the simple truth.

You see without that, you can have the best product, deal, company, brand or whatever you want to dress it up as, it doesn’t make a scrapof difference. If you don’t deliver on 3 fundamental principles, forget it –you’re wasting your customer’s valuable time!!

So if you want to be effective and make a difference in your business, read on. It might not be pretty, but it’s the simple truth and based on my experience, it works.

Introducing the 3 R’s

When I started out selling many years ago, I wish someone had just sat me down and told me what I’m about to tell you. It would have saved me a lot of time, pain and frustration and just possibly, I might have been able to help more people earlier in my career.

Instead, I was sent to numerous sales courses, read a whole lot of outdated books and listened to the war stories of many veteran salesman who would tell me why customers should be grateful about the product or service I was peddling. That what I had for them was what they wanted, irrespective of whether it really met their need. Because let’s face it, 40 years ago, what customer in their right mind really knew what they wanted?

So over the years I had to learn and learn fast. And yes, I quickly came to the realization that all I needed to know was the 3 R’s in order to “Earn the Right” to do business.

Yes that’s correct. The simple truth about doing business, building relationships, doing long term deals, making lifelong business friendships all come down to three simple things–being REAL, RELEVENT and RELATABLE.

WOW —-could it really be that simple?

Being REAL

So what does being “REAL” actually mean?. Well simply put, it means being yourself. If you think selling is about having to BS your way to a deal, then you’ve missed the point. In fact I’d go as far as to suggest you need to get out now. Get out before you screw your business, your customer and yourself.

I believe what customers want today more than ever before is for you to be genuine, upfront, honest and most of all, have the ability to establish what they actually need. They want to see a genuine desire from someone who really does give a toss.

I’m not saying you need to have the gift of the gab—far from it. In fact, you’re better off not having a smooth-talking tongue. But what I am saying is be passionate about what you do. It shows them that you are the real deal.

And in my experience, people will gravitate toward someone who’s confident, excited and passionate about who they are and what they’re selling.

Now for those that might be reading this and scratching their head, yes what I’m saying is BE HONEST. Trust is one of the greatest qualities you can be remembered for and if you lose that, it’s gone forever.

So to recap being “REAL” is all about being true to your customer –they deserve it. Being “REAL” to your business –its cost a lot to get to this point and most of all, be “REAL” to yourself. You will be the ultimate architect inwhether you succeed or fail, so be remembered for what you deliver. Afterall, Life is about Delivery.

So what keeps you “RELEVANT”?

Have a really goodhard think about the question. This is not about someone having a go and suggesting for a moment you’re not valued. This is about whether what you do, stand for, deliver, actually provides relevance to the person you are delivering it to.

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