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Steve Pipe



researcher, adviser, business author, speaker, trainer, strategist and FCA

Global Advocate for Purpose-Led Business, Evangelist for B1G1. Successful Entrepreneur, author and speaker.

According to others, I’ve had a ‘successful’ career: 20 years researching how Accountants and their clients can build better businesses, better lives and a better world.

Many more years as a strategist, best-selling author and keynote speaker.

And even being named “UK Entrepreneur of the Year” and “The World’s Most Highly Rated Accountant’

But in 2018 I decided to retire.

And before I physically do that in a few years’ time, I’m giving everything away to help businesses like yours benefit themselves and others by focusing on my core belief that every single business – regardless of size, location, sector, age or maturity – can make our world a better place.