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Iante Rademeyer

Founder and Director


Online Business Manager | Communication Coach | English Coach

Are you considering outsourcing some or all of your non-billable tasks and responsibilities?

Our Group provides Online Business Management, Corporate Assistance as well as Virtual Business Support in Admin, Accounts, Sales and Marketing.

Interested in finding out how to communicate with your team, clients and prospects in a way that makes it easier to ‘influence’ them?

In addition to our Virtual Business Support, we provide Personality Profiling, Communication/Confidence Coaching and Corporate Training, ensuring a holistic support system.

So in summary you could say that in NZ we are like a ‘No. 8 Wire’ to Business Owners and Teams that want to operate with a “spirit of excellence” and that has a “work smart, not hard” mentality.

Firstly, we encourage our clients to do their Personality Profile and together we utilise the report in everything we do.

We are all about long-term, solution driven, win-win business relationships and that is why we support the individual as well as the business.

For some it might mean Business Mentoring and support with their WINZ applications, their budget or cash flow management.

To someone else it might mean a Business, Financial or Marketing Plan, a Bookkeeper, Personal Assistant or simply just a couple of hours a week admin support.

Our group takes on the non-billable tasks, projects and responsibilities – working with, for and as our clients!