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Chartered Accountant | Business Growth Consultant | Exit Strategist | Adaptationist |Facilitator | Mentor | Author | Entrepreneur | Digital Marketer | iBuumerang Ambassador |

Small to Medium size businesses (SMEs) of all types across a broad spectrum of industries and all stages of development. My ideal client is a business owner who is looking to retire or otherwise exit their business 2 – 5 years from now.

I help business owners plan and implement their exit strategy by increasing their profitability, growing their business and increasing the value of this asset. This is done by systemising the business and teaching the business owner to get out of their own way, so ultimately the business operates without the owner having to be present. This maximises the value of the business. It also reduces stress and gives the business owner time to work on their business instead of in it. It also gives them more time to spend with their loved ones and work how, when, where and with whom they want. “It is never too early to plan your Exit Strategy!”.