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Business Strategy welcomes purpose-led founders, owners, entrepreneurs and business development professionals at all stages of their business journey. Benefit from community, the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, create new business through partnerships and referrals, and something very special – the opportunity to enable a budding but disadvantaged entrepreneurial person follow their vision of being a change maker too.

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For those with a passion who have not commenced their business jounrey
$ 0 Free, all welcome


Solopreneurs, Side-gig owners and if you know you need to network to grow your business
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Community for Good

For Businesses that believe in networking with Impact
$ 29
per month

Change Maker for Good

Business professionals at the forefront of purpose-led wealth creation
$ 49
per month
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Connections Spark Growth. Connect with us at our live events, seminars and workshops. Leverage the expertise of fellow entrepreneurs and enjoy business growth at our next event.

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Everything we do, we do because we believe passionately that when people connect with each other, this ignites growth in all areas – in business, personal, and all areas of life are enriched through the energy created by connection. So we attract and nurture a community of inter-connected people and companies, and through the power of that network comes a series of events, informal networking get-togethers, business referrals, workshops, and 1:1 learning & growth. Join in the rhythm of conversation, share your business journey, and connect with like-minded people at our regular events.

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