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Now in Series 3, we take a fresh look at the current situation, what has changed and what businesses need to do to get ahead of the curve. We explore what we are moving away from, and what we are moving  towards in the 21st Century business model.

The key content elements:
  • September 15 21st Century – From Hierarchy to Community Structures – The Generational Shifts that have led to changes in the way we structure our businesses (Growth Teams)
  • September 22 21st Century – From P&L to Asset structures that maximise the Value of Companies and our Wealth: the new trend that change businesses in society.
  • September 29 21st Century – From Charities to Charitable: the influx of Foundational thinking is changing the way we run our lives
  • October 6 21st Century – From Profit to Purpose: the trend away from production and profits to People and the Planet
  • October 13 Unite on Purpose – Moving from Silo to Integrated solutions founded on Purpose
  • October 20 Unite on Purpose – Collectively we can shift industries and the world

Two ways for you to get involved

  • Head straight to the BoB Web Event Series page. Complete registration there and book into all 6 of these valuable webinars.
  • Book to the local events – Hosted and designed to expand and discuss local relevance and implementation of these global trends.  Register with the form right below.

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BoB Earth is a unique global workspace enabling businesses from all industries to connect, learn, and collaborate to build a better world that tightly integrates For Profit and Social Purpose to enrich the lives of people at all levels all across the planet.