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BoB – Business of Brand explores how there is a formula that shows why businesses struggle to create consistent, sustainable income. Driven by short term revenue, businesses are often focused on pushing their products and their own short term agenda, not a sustainable, equity-based business model truly focused on the needs of their clients. This results in “lurchy” income.

What if there was a better way that turns this on its head? – a purpose led approach that takes your customer on a journey of awareness, which can be leveraged and scaled, in order to create long term equity in their business.

In this virtual briefing, Tim Dwyer will show you the formula which will provide insights into what is happening in your business.

BoB Event Information

  • Thursday September 10th, 11:00am Start
  • Delivered via Zoom (You will receive a Zoom confirmation email)

Find Your Formula Briefing shares 3 critical insights

  • Discover the unique connection successful individuals have between what they do, and why they do it.
  • Develop clarity around why a unique brand asset is the secret sauce covering what attracts opportunities, clients and partners to a business.
  • Discover how a powerful communication strategy helps link and articulate this brand asset in a way that explains how entrepreneurs and their businesses make a positive difference in our world.

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