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BSNZ connects thousands of businesses, owners, entrepreneurs and like-minded supporters of the entrepreneur movement. Almost constantly on the business journey, we are surrounded by both opportunities and challenges, and seek the input of experts to help with great decision-making for business progression. 

This “Ask an Expert” section enables you to tap into local experts for timely and relevant opinions about challenges you are facing. Complete the form below with your details. 

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PC Onsite

Tony Liu

PC Onsite Team bring you total 50 years of combined experiences in the IT field. We believe in trustworthy, friendliness and professionalism. We help Small and Medium Business to create a hassle-free IT structure with all maintenance and support. Enable users to work from anywhere at any time.

Our “Ask an Expert” area allows people to seek assistance, ideas, inspiration and best-known-methods on the full gambit of questions that arise as we progress on the business journey. No question is too general, no question is too specific.

Use this as an opportunity to ask your question in your area of interest, and BSN members with experience and expertise in that field will add their insight.

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