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July Speaker Announcement

Anthony McMahon

5 Ways to Identify Problems in Your Business

Business and Technology Strategist Anthony McMahon presents “5 Ways to Identify Problems in Your Business

There’s a common question being asked at the moment.
It’s not new, been around for a long time.
“What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?”
It’s a valuable question that needs to be asked before embarking on any change.
How well do we answer it?
And how good are we at actually identifying problems?

At the Business Strategy Networking Meetup on 6 July, lets take a journey together through some proven models around how to identify the problem you are tying to solve. Come prepared to ask hard questions about your current processes and to be open to looking at new methods to disrupt stale thinking and get progress on developing and building your business, it’s processes, and your commercial relationships.

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  • July 6th (Please register on meetup so we can keep you up to date with information about the event.)

The IT Psychiatrist

The IT Psychiatrist

Anthony McMahon

We are a company who specialises in providing enterprise level advice at a small business budget

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Event: Business Trust, growth, and effective decision making models Date: 21/07/2020 Time: 18:30 End Time: 20:00

Business Trust, growth, and effective decision making models

Business Networking with purpose-led, passionate business builders, and like-minded founders for connection and growth

114 Ponsonby Road

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Speaker Announcement: Rob Roberston
Robert C Robertson is a strategy and technology advisor who specializes in emotional fitness, people productivity, and business growth. His talk topic for this event is “The Technology and New Trust Model For Growth”

Speaker Announcement: Anthony McMahon – The Virtual CTO. Anthony will share “5 Ways to Identify Problems in Your Business”.


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